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Metaphysical Meaning and Crystal Healing Properties of Ibis Jasper

Ibis Jasper
September 2017

Ibis Jasper through Christopher Lee Matthews

“Ibis Jasper” is a trade name for a new Madagascan brecciated jasper.  Breccia (Italian, breccia “gravel, pieces, fragmented”) refers to stones broken apart and naturally cemented back together by another mineral.  They are usually created by weathering or the movement of water.  Breccia are similar to a conglomerate but they have more angular pieces.  Ibis Jasper is fragmented jasper repaired with crystal, chalcedony, or agate, all varieties of quartz.

Is this Ibis or Polychrome?!? Look at the next photo.

Although it has a similar color palette to Polychrome Jasper, found in northwestern Madagascar, Ibis Jasper is believed to come from southern Madagascar instead.  It also has a shattered appearance, with terrazzo like chips or wave like folds. 

Same sphere, different angle. It even looks like Ocean Jasper orbs have formed in a pocket. WHAT?

The ibis are long legged waterfowl, similar in appearance to a crane.  While the better known Egyptian species are white and black, Madagascan ibis are brownish red instead, with touches of white and blue.  The stone has a similar color palette.  Some pieces also look like feathers or even flocks in flight.  The ibis bird is associated with the Egyptian deity Thoth, the god of wisdom, so the stone carries the signature of accessing esoteric information, from the akashic records to ancient sources of knowledge, developing intuition, and communicating spiritual messages.

Ibis in Madagascar. By Charlesjsharp (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Egyptian Ibis. By DickDaniels ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Because of the geological process that creates brecciated jasper, Ibis Jasper is associated metaphysically with recovery after trauma and support during stress,  spiritual evolution, by helping us integrate energetic shifts, upgrades, and attunements, and releasing blockages to support breakthroughs.  It may also be used break up dense energies to support the free flowing of energy in the subtle body.

A broken vessel can be made whole again. By Haragayato (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Christopher suggested that Ibis Jasper is similar in concept to the Japanese gold repaired bowls called,kintsugi”.  It is another example of making something beautiful that was once broken.  I had written this in my draft notes, but forgot to add it to the article.  Christopher is always on the ball.

Ibis Jasper through Stacie Coller

Ibis Jasper is a brand healing crystal on the market from Madagascar that is imported by Enter the Earth.  It kinda looks like petrified wood, polychrome jasper, and Ocean Jasper had a beige baby.  It is a jasper that has gone through the brecciation process with a translucent chalcedony filling in the places where the opaque earth tone jasper fractured.

Most brecciated crystal healing rocks speak directly to healing fractures within the system.  Fractures in the energy body are usually caused by some type of stress or emotional impact to the system.  Being human is a hard job that often comes with some kind of system stress.  We all have some kind of fracture just through a normal range of stressors that comes with having a body and interacting with the 3D world.

 Some folks have gone through significant fracture from overwhelming situations they have experienced.  In those instances, integration work is even more important.  The deeper the fractures, the darker the shadows.  The darker the shadows, the more influence those patterns have in the unfolding path of your life.  Unexamined shadows that remain in one’s system will continue to bias perceptions and undermine progress forward to higher states of functioning, such as living from the heart in a state of joy and acceptance.  

I consider Ibis Jasper a very strong ally in “shadow work”,  as well as reintegration and wholeness work.  Some people call this “soul rescue” or “soul retrieval” work that is necessary from “soul loss”.

Be a Cosmic Observer
Step back from your pain and try to see from the eye of the “Cosmic Observer”.

Ibis Jasper reminds us that we have been broken “just right”.  It helps to reflect on the areas and issues of the originating fracture so that we can deal with the impact of those events as a “Cosmic Observer” with as neutral (beige) of a reaction as possible.  Healing and integration work should not have to re-traumatize the system in order to be effective.  Ibis Jasper asks us to consider that we aren’t actually broken, but instead that we are part of a larger Divine process where we get broken to realize that there is no such thing.

We experience shadow so that we better understand our light. 

Each piece of Ibis Jasper–polished, shaped, and carefully tended, seems like a separate rock, but each piece is really a part of a whole energy.  Each rock is a fractal manifestation of the larger matrix of energies that all the same rocks hold.  This fractal reality is true of rocks, true of humans, and true of creation itself.  One single rock has the encoding of wholeness, despite appearances.  Creation is whole despite appearances.  

What used to be seen as empty space between celestial bodies in the universe is actually filled with exotic, dark matter that serves as the womb through which God/dess/the Divine creates.  Where there are perceived fractures/spaces in anything, creation will ooze in with something to fill it up.  Emptiness is ever an illusion and the polarity of light and dark is an environment set up to bring understanding of “what is” by observing “what is not”.  

I believe that even the Divine is on a path of self-discovery and expansion, learning about itself and its authentic nature through observing creation on infinite levels and dimensions.  To “know love” is to understand what “no love” looks like.  To know what is whole is to understand what is a “hole”.  

When we fracture, it gives us an opportunity to know our natures through the process of discovering that we are not the embodiment of pain and suffering of events that we have endured or experienced.  Ultimately, those experiences give us a chance to observe and learn about the nature of our infinite light through the observation of the nature of what is shadow.  Our shadows are in service to our light by bringing our observations and attention to the edge of what love is by showing us what it isn’t.  How does the Divine know that it is love and that it is whole?  In part, probably by watching us.

Ibis Jasper Likes to Play with Words and Perception         

Ibis Jasper was big on word play.  I was shown words that sound the same or which expose some greater truth.  This playfulness of finding hidden messages is a nature of Ibis Jasper and may express in how you interact with it.  Seek the playful and the work is not as hard.  

no Love = know Love
no hole and know hole = know whole
eye – i
live – evil
not – knot

Love is the broken vessel and Love is the contents.  Love heals the vessel, makes it strong again, so that it holds even more Love.  The more Love, the more understanding that the vessel and the contents are actually the same thing that is expressing differently.  Love is a nature and characteristic of the Divine, of creation, of us.  We get the chance to observe that love and wholeness is our birthright, despite appearances.  

We don’t need to do, be, or attach to anything that isn’t in our Divine nature to be.  If we can also be the “cosmic observers” of the fractal patterns of what is and isn’t in our own lives, we can learn an important truth that separation/fracture is ultimately a lie, an illusion intentionally staged so the nature of what is can be known.  

From Pain Comes Wisdom with the Cosmic Observer

For things to “be”, they must be observed.  The observed and the observer are one.  The dream and the dreamer are one.  Creation and the Creator are one.  The eyes/I’s observe what can be seen.  What is known to us is expanding, just like the universe. To live means to experience evil as well as goodness.  Duality is the game here.  I agree that it hasn’t been a fully pleasant experience, but it is the environment in which we find/discover ourselves.  

Do you want to make the most of your human experience?  Then step back and become the Cosmic Observer of your own life and experiences and identify what you ARE from experiencing that which you aren’t.

Understanding from observation and experience is wisdom.  Wisdom is gained by understanding the lessons/experiences of the shadow.  We have empathy for others because we know what suffering feels like and we don’t wish that feeling upon others.  Our shadows and experiences dancing in departures from love and unity are what inform our deep desire to be more loving and to be more expanded and unified with creation and the Creator.  

We were built this way… to be beautifully flawed and limited, to crack and give way, to seek our higher purpose and meaning through the constant death of the little ego–pushing out the boundaries of self to claim and contain more and more of what is Divine in us.      

It is said that experience is the best teacher, but it sends terrific bills–and we know that adulting on the Earth plane requires that you suck it up and pay your bills.  Each bill you pay, each shadow you observe and illuminate, brings you a new layer of awareness and greater memory and experience of wholeness.  Basically, you become holy by discovering your wholeness–which you recognize because you first perceived yourself as full of holes before understanding there are no actual empty spaces within.  

There is Divine Stuff in empty spaces.  Ibis Jasper asks us to claim that Divine Stuff to embody wholeness.  Honor the lessons and the experiences that our Divine Amnesia of Oneness allows us to have because it is in being lost that we are found.  In order to find something, it first has to be lost.  The cracks and fractures house exotic potential for something new to be born in those spaces that bring you closer to perceiving yourself as a fractal of the Universe, a fractal of the Divine.   

Get it?

Humans are Stupid on Purpose

We are clueless, limited, and lacking on purpose.  We aren’t a mistake.  We are fractal manifestations of the Divine pretending to have limits to observe and know itself better.  We are the eye of the beholder observing the I of the beheld.  We are the Divine looking into a mirror and deciding what it is by understanding what it is not.  Seems like an important job, even if it is often uncomfortable from this side of the mirror.  

That being said, I think we’ve rolled around in “no love” and “separation” completely enough that we understand that is not the nature of the universe.  It is not our true nature.  I think we get to wrap up this layer of the human experience and move along to something less… painful.   Some people call this ascension.  Some call it raising vibrations.  

All I know is that in order to grow and evolve beyond our current circumstance we have to face, heal, forgive, and integrate the shadows caused by the human experience with as much love as we can muster.  Love heals.  Love slips into the cracks of our being and makes us whole again.  We won’t be the same as before, but we aren’t supposed to be the same as before.  We are supposed to grow out from the places that have left a seeming void within us.  The vessel, the contents, and the observer are one. 

Rising from the Ashes with Ibis Jasper

The Ibis bird has often been associated with the phoenix.  How do we continually lift up to a new layer or height of wholeness?  You keep breaking down until you realize there is no such thing.  You are perfect just as you are.  Right here.  Right now.  Joy is the natural consequence of understanding that “to be” means “to be love”, despite appearances.   We are the finite and limited illusions used as a tool for the Creator to split itself down to annihilation to be reborn from the ashes again and again to reach new levels of higher and higher truth.  Evolution is a continuing series of the death of an old perception and sense of reality into a higher level of awareness.

So, ask yourself…What are you?  What aren’t you?  What experiences have you had that reflect the greater spiritual reality?  What experiences have you had that define who and what you are by showing you what you aren’t?  Who and what do you choose to be?  How is your empathy a result of pain?  These are questions that Ibis Jasper wants us to ask of ourselves.

We’ve had enough data processed through countless deaths and rebirths to become aware that we cannot be finite.  We can only forget that we are infinite and then observe the results.  You are the dream that must awaken itself to a greater level of reality. We are like never ending Russian dolls that start off so small… then as we outgrow our boundaries, we grow into a larger understanding and presence of ourselves as Divine Beings.  As we evolve, Creator is also evolving.  To evolve means to embody more love.  Evolution = NO IT, U LOVE, or “Know it, you are love.”  See what I mean about the word play?  Ibis loves that shit.

Crystal Whisper for Ibis Jasper

I pulled from my Crystal Whisper card deck to get more “hands on” guidance on how to effectively work with this stone to initiate shadow healing and wisdom integration.  The cards are listed in order of importance.

  1. Vibrational Preparation & Fitness:  Ibis Jasper helps you to reach for and seek to integrate the next level up.  It prepares you to be ready for your next forward step.  It helps manage and assist you to deal with illusion so that you can see beyond it.  When you find a shadow, look at it, understand it, send healing and acceptance into the seeming voids of your system, and then release it with gratitude and love.
  2. Multi-Dimensional Healing: This card emphasizes that Ibis Jasper can be used for complex healing work, such as past-life work, soul rescue/retrieval, karma release, and forgiveness work.
  3. Time Traveler/Forgiveness-Karma Release: Two cards share the 3rd most important concept.  These suggest that Ibis Jasper can help you move into the moments of great consequence within your local self structure, as well as your expanded systems of being, to initiate forgiveness work that brings greater healing and wholeness, not just to yourself, but into the human relational systems of which you are a part.  In other words, it can help you get to the root of a matter at hand.
  4. Awareness & Observation: I read this as Ibis Jasper helping you to wake up and smell the coffee by shifting your perspective from hole-ness to wholeness.  Pay attention to signs and signals, synchronicity, and coincidences.  Also, it may help you to maintain awareness of your mission to evolve.  Also, notice your whole world.  If major dimensional shifts were to happen on this planet, would you notice?  Would you notice, say, a continent you studied in geography class to be a few hundred miles or more further to the right?  Would you notice if a fish had wings?  Would you notice goats in trees?  For those who have “eyes to see”… start observing your world.  Some of you might observe that things are somehow different than what you remember.  Is it your imagination?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Be the Cosmic Observer.
How to Work with Ibis Jasper

When I read Ibis Jasper, I created a simple 7-stone, Star of David Reiki grid with a sphere in the middle and 6 stones along the outer points that I placed on the table and activated in front of me while reading.  I was outside, and bee (or yellow jacket) landed on one of the stones and then proceeded to walk around my notes and touch all of the stones.  How interesting to note that “bee” means “winged eye” in latin.  

Also, it highlights the need to ask questions that explore what is hidden.  I spent most of the day dancing with Ibis Jasper when I did the initial reading at the end of September 2018.  Since then I have been going through my own brisk process of shadow healing and wisdom integration.  It hasn’t been much fun, but it has been useful and has led me down an expanding path of understanding who I am from a position of wholeness instead of fracture.

Sometimes shadow healing requires you to bear witness to your own pain and suffering, or to the pain and suffering that your actions may have caused others, so that you can honor and show reverence and compassion to the “lost” aspects of yourself that need to purge emotional congestion before reintegration. To “find” these parts of yourself, you can ask yourself a few questions.

What events in your life have made you feel forsaken?
When have you been terrified?
When have you been in fear of annihilation/death?
When have you behaved without love?
When have others treated you without love?
When have you been betrayed?
What single event in your life was the furthest away from Oneness/Love or furthest away from the Divine?

  • Meditate with Ibis Jasper to get into the proper state of mind of the “Cosmic Observer” who doesn’t judge or condemn.
  • Hold the rock over each of your chakra points, one-at-a-time, and breathe the energy into each of your chakras and allow your mind to just observe and experience what flows into your awareness.
  • Allow whatever events need to be witnessed to flow through your memory as you seek to heal the shadow.
  • As you see events or memories of yourself in your imagination, take on a role of a guide and healer to yourself at that time.  You will essentially be communicating with all the “Little Yous” that show up to be acknowledged.  
  • Witness their pain, allow them to be seen by you, and then honor and appreciate their sacrifice of experiencing “no love”.  You can use the format of a theater and stage for this, with the overarching understanding that all interactions can be seen as acting a certain part in a play.
  • Send them love from your heart to theirs.  See them.  Thank them.  Claim them.  If you need to cry, cry.  If you need to scream, scream.  If you need to do self-care, do it.  If you feel overwhelmed, you might consider going to a professional therapist to talk it out so you can process with guidance.
  • Initiate karma release and forgiveness work upon all parties involved or affected by the experience.  Ask the Divine to release all parties from the karmic event, as appropriate.
  • Ask to anchor and integrate the wisdom gleaned from the experience to all appropriate parties.
  • Ask to initiate the healing process for all aspects of your Whole Self and all involved or affected by the experience.

You may wish to keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and insights.  This kind of work tends to be a process and not an event, so be ready to chew what you can chew, rest and recover when needed, and allow the unfolding of the process to be what it is.

Complementary Stones with Ibis Jasper

Ibis Jasper will necessarily take you into uncharted territory that needs to be traveled and made conscious and integrated.  There are several stones that I can think of that will assist with this important work.  First, I would include stones that help you connect to your spiritual guidance and reality.  

  • Angelite
  • Celestite
  • Elestial Quartz
  • Azurite
  • Lapis
  • Light Blue Stones
  • Dark Blue Stones
  • Purple Stones

I would also include stones that are good for finding, then purging, releasing, and transmuting congestion, as well as those which create flow and movement.

  • Himalayan Salt
  • Selenite
  • Obsidian
  • Sulfur Quartz
  • Ammonite/Nautilus
  • Shungite
  • Tektites
  • Fulgurite
  • Malachite
  • Red Jasper
  • Elemental Stones (those created by or in fire, water, deep earth, or associated with air)
  • Banded Stones (which represent our many layers)
  • Dendritic Stones (which represent getting to the roots of something)
  • Other Brecciated Stones (all of which share a similar task of healing fracture)

Doing this work can be a little intense, so you might want to throw some woogy, loving, and comforting stones into your work.

  • Rose Quartz
  • Sacred Heart Rose Quartz
  • Lepidolite
  • Emerald
  • Pink Stones
  • Green Stones
  • Lithium Stones (lithium quartz, petalite, amblygonite)

I would also pair Ibis Jasper with stones that are known to help with integration and grounding through upheaval.

  • Ocean Jasper
  • Other Orbicular Stones (parts of whole workers)
  • Phantom Quartz
  • Penetrator Quartz
  • Petrified Wood
  • Pietersite “Tempest Stone”
  • Indigo Gabbro
  • Hematite
  • Pyrite
  • Lodestone
  • Black Stones
  • Brown Stones
  • Metallic Looking Stones

The last category of stones I would think of to include with the work associated with Ibis Jasper are those that support the mental body, detached observation, and changes in perception.

  • Sodalite
  • Crystal Skulls (they are all about mental body work and wisdom)
  • Lapis
  • Blue Goldstone
  • Cats Eye
  • Blue Tigers Eye
  • Dark Blue Stones
Complementary Healing Work

Since healing is a process and not an event, you may wish to engage in other energy work that deals specifically for purging and purification, like a traditional sweat lodge, a visit to a salt cave, deep breath work, or cleansing heart breath with rose quartz.  General energy healing work like Reiki and other “light infusing” and “vibrational” enhancing energy work would be helpful after or with purging work.  I would also recommend any therapy that supports mental body health and perceptual shifts and re-pattern, such as, Craniosacral therapy and EFT tapping.  You can begin to integrate positive perceptions through mantras, positive affirmations, hypnosis, meditation, journaling, and whole brain integration work and exercises.

Totally cool book, if I don’t say so myself.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I wrote a book that deals with all movement towards conscious wholeness called “Awake in Angelscape”.  It’s slam packed with guided imagery and intention based energy work that plugs you into deeper connection with your Sacred Self.  You can find my book on Amazon.  If you have a premium Kindle account, the book is free.  Be warned, it is A LOT of work, but it is good work.  It provides the platform and protocols that anyone needs to be way more interactive and competent with his/her spiritual reality, without it being framed by any particular spiritual belief systems.  It’s the book I needed when I was first waking up.  I spent decades quite deep in the work and then gathered up the most useful support that I had discovered along the way, so you don’t have to.  Consider it a decade, or more, of forward movement that you don’t have to figure out on your own.  I was given the time to come to understand these processes, which was a sacred gift that I did not waste.

A Final Word

Ibis Jasper asks you to embody love so you can understand the Creator….to embody joy because you know the truth behind the illusion– that there is no separation.  There is nothing that isn’t All That Is.  All There Is cannot be All There Isn’t.  Consciousness is seeking to know itself better in layers of new and evolving expressions of itself–infinitely.    We are a part of that consciousness, and like it or not, you can go easy, or you can go hard, but you ARE going.  I promise that doing your work proactively is ultimately easier than ignoring it until you cannot.  Please go easy.  Pretty please.

Ibis Jasper is an ally in our journey into greater wholeness.  It helps us peel away, heal, forgive, and let go of what isn’t so that we can be more of what is.  Listen to the repetitive messages, look for the hidden meaning, observe how the Universe rises up to meet you.  Ibis = I be. I is.

Ibis Jasper does what it wants.

I am.  When there is an “eye” to observe the “I”, there is consciousness.

Know it, you are love–despite appearances.. That is the final message of Ibis Jasper.  Do your inner work, which is to explore and integrate your shadows, and you will be rewarded with wholeness, wisdom, faith, and a deeper connection to the creation and the Divine.

Copyright 2017 Stacie Coller and Christopher Lee Matthews