Fossils on Sale for Father’s Day

Howdy Y’all! I hope you have some fabulous plans for the summer!  We’ve been hopping at the store with the spring/summer season seeming to have started kinda early this year. We will be putting all of our fossils on sale for 15% off until the end of the day on Father’s Day!  Dad’s dig fossils.  […]

The 5 Basic Steps of Holistic Healing

A lot about holistic healing is somewhat organic and non-linear, but there is a coherent, logical order in the progression of tasks in just about every holistic healing process. I like to use the analogy of a home with multiple rooms when describing energy healing.  Let’s just say you live in a gigantic mansion, much of which […]

Earth Art: Flower Offering

Happy May Day!  I spent several years making spiritual land art around the Midwest, particularly Ohio.  The photo above is an iris flower offering in the hand of a Quan Yin statue, at the Whatever Works Labyrinth, in Cincinnati, Ohio.