Stones for Psychic Development, Intuition, and Divination

(Intuitive development workshop crystal grid: lapis lazuli, Moldavite, azurite, iolite, scolecite, Spectralite, precious opal, moonstone, Ocean Jasper, apatite, and amethyst.) What is an energy “signature”? Most of the metaphysical properties of stones are derived from their “energy signatures”, insights said to be encoded in their physical qualities, geology, or symbolism. Although the concept is found […]

Fooling with the Deck: A DIY Journey Through the Tarot

(The Fool card on a split ammonite fossil.  Both are symbols of the spiritual journey.) Join us each week as we attune to a different Tarot card, exploring both its traditional meanings and insights from your own guidance.  The cards will be grouped by their number, helping us understand the 19th century models of Tarot […]

Fooling with the Deck: The Sequence of the Cards for Study

(The Fool in the Minchiate deck. A cousin to the Tarot with additional trump cards.) The following article gives instructions on the sequence of cards covered for this free, self-study tarot series, “Fooling with the Deck”, by Christopher Lee Matthews of Enter the Earth. Where does the symbolism of the Tarot cards come from? Most […]

Fooling with the Deck: Week One: The Fool (0)

(A 15th century Fool card, from the Jean Dodal version of the Tarot de Marseille, after which most 19th century decks were based.) Much of the Fool’s symbolism originates in its name and imagery, directly related to its original function in the game of tarot. The tarot began as a deck for a trick taking […]