Metaphysical Meaning and Crystal Healing Properties of Ibis Jasper

Ibis Jasper September 2017 Ibis Jasper through Christopher Lee Matthews “Ibis Jasper” is a trade name for a new Madagascan brecciated jasper.  Breccia (Italian, breccia “gravel, pieces, fragmented”) refers to stones broken apart and naturally cemented back together by another mineral.  They are usually created by weathering or the movement of water.  Breccia are similar […]

The Geology, Varieties, and History of Ocean Jasper® Part One

An Introduction to Ocean Jasper® by Christopher Lee Matthews (A selection of flat Ocean Jasper® pebbles showing its range of colors, patterns, and translucency, sometimes even in the same piece.) Looking for the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper®?  Check out my other blog here. What is Ocean Jasper®? Ocean Jasper® is a trademarked name for […]

The 5 Basic Steps of Holistic Healing

A lot about holistic healing is somewhat organic and non-linear, but there is a coherent, logical order in the progression of tasks in just about every holistic healing process. I like to use the analogy of a home with multiple rooms when describing energy healing.  Let’s just say you live in a gigantic mansion, much of which […]