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She Said: Metaphysical Meaning of Polychrome Jasper

Oh Poly, Poly… you little shape shifting minx, you.

Polychrome Jasper
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I just sifted through files in the wooey room and found Chris and my old notes about polychrome jasper.  It made me laugh a bit because the original ~attempt~ at a reading was all the way back in January of 2013.  Polychrome was not grabbing anyone’s attention back then.  It was sitting on the shelf in the store and moving a little bit in wholesale, but no one was going, “WOW, where has this stone been all my life?!”

Yeah.  Polychrome Jasper was asleep.  The stone spirit, according to Chris’ shamanic journey back then, didn’t even really  know what it wanted to do or be yet.  We did a little ceremony to encourage it to, I don’t know, figure out a path to take…then essentially filed the notes and let the dust start to accumulate.

A lot has changed since January of 2013.  Polychrome is definitely awake and shaking her pretty, pretty fishnet stockings at us now.

First, just recently there was a new find of Polychrome Jasper that we call “ribbon polychrome jasper”.  It’s got amazing and mesmerizing rings and layers to it, the colors rich, dark, and sometimes even moving into the teal/blue family.

Polychrome Jasper
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Second, we have all just been ~noticing~ it now.  All of us here in the warehouse have been saying, “Wow, look at that polychrome!”.  Stephanie, the warehouse manager, picked up a poly and admired it on all sides and said, “I don’t usually like polychrome, but I really like this piece!”

Indeed.  Welcome to the party, Poly.  You’re like one of those girls who has had an underwhelming and perhaps forgettable middle school presence, but now that you’re in high school, you are turning heads. Good for you.  It makes me smile inside that you have decided, uhhh…. on being and doing something.

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a lotus flower to me.

I have always thought that polychrome jasper and mookaite jasper felt similar to me.  Jaspers, as a family, are about strength, endurance, power, and protection.  Vague much?  I know, but they are, look it up.  I associate mookaite jasper with the flow of raw resources in the process of creation or manifestation.  I feel the same way about polychrome.  It is connected to the flow of raw materials, thoughts, and energies that have the potential to be anything.

I also think that polychrome jasper has an awful lot of embryonic looking blobs as patterns, which suggests birth, creation, fertility, and somewhat goddessy overtones.  Other times it looks a whole dang lot like a landscape.

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a womb to me.

It is also what Christopher calls a “figure stone”, which is when a stone exhibits patterns that look like something, such as a face, an animal, a landscape, or some other object.  Poly makes for an excellent ink blot test.  It’s actually one of her secrets.  The organic flowing patterns and what they look like to you are part of the support that is present.  Sometimes the patterns are quite obviously something specific.  Other times, there are shape shifting, kindasorta-if-you-turn-it-to-the-left, figures within it.  Who says she can’t change her mind?

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a desert scene with a stormy sky.

For me, I am attracted to the polychrome jasper that has a lot of the earthy purples and pinks.  I love the teal.  I love it when it reminds me of a lava lamp.  I love it when I see faces and wombs and shamans and animals.  Some pieces… meh.  I don’t care for at all.  To me, this suggests that each piece really calls forth some very specific energies beyond her jaspery-ness.  Some of those energies you’ll find very helpful (wow) and others you won’t need at all (meh).

Polychrome Jasper
OK, this one doesn’t need explaining, eh?

So, pay attention to Poly.  She has many faces and many ways in which to serve.  She decided that what she wanted to be was whatever, *snaps*, she wants to be.  Raw materials can, after all, be molded into anything at all.  Poly has unlimited potential and you’ll know when it’s time for you to get one because you’ll just fall in love.  You’ll probably be saying, “I don’t know what it is about this rock, but I just like it.”

Yeah.  Poly.  You minx.

Polychrome Jasper Sphere
I see two lovers kissing.


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